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Steel fire rated window

  • steel
  • horizontal open;fixed;combination of open&fixed
  • finished
  • 30-90 minutes
  • composite fire rated glass with anti UV light
  • bespoke
  • shangan
  • Strong Seaworthy Carton
  • Grey, White, Beige (Can Be Customized)
  • BS EN 1634-1
Product Shangan brand steel Fire rated window:
description Designed specifically to protect life and property against the risk of flame and heat transmission. tongxiao nsulated fire windows are the ideal choice for use in fire escapes, fire walls, fire corridors, internal and external facades, external building walls, or any application where protection against both flames and heat is required.
All insulated windows use either the tongxiao insulated steel framing system and are suitable for internal and external applications. There are a variety of profiles designed to suit most glazing applications .The insulated steel glass systems are available in either steel frames suitable for powder coating or painting, or high grade Stainless Steel frames, and are available as single or multi-lite assemblies
tongxiao fire window composed of frames made of cold-rolled Zinc-electroplated steel, or stainless steel plate, with nonflammable & nontoxic infill, fire-resistant glazing and fireproof hardware, are able to withstand the harsh test of fire, around 1000 °C flame, for max. 90 minutes keeping stability, integrity & insulation of the window, and stop the quick spreading of flame and smoke. They can protect people & high-valued articles temporarily from the threat of fire and win the most precious period for people to escape, move away high-valued articles and extinguish the fire. Tongxiao high quality products ensure the ideal application in customer's buildings.
Size & specifications Size & specifications of the fire-resistant steel windows can be customized by customer.The window frames can be cold-rolled Zinc-electroplated steel plate with electrostatic powder coating, or stainless steel plate, all with nonflammable infill.
The fire-resistant glazing can be Tongxiao fire-resistant monolithic fire resistant glass or perfusion type lamitated glass
Fire resistant properties: A) Physically, the melting point of steel is about 1500 °C, much higher than that of aluminum alloy (about 650°C). So, the fire-resistance property of steel is much better than that of aluminum alloy, a commonly used material of windows frame.

B) Only nontoxic infill materials are used to fill in the hollow spaces in the frames. No toxic or harmful smoke can be made in case of fire. This ensures the health and safety of people even if a sudden fire accident happens.

C) The strength and modulus of elasticity of steel is 1~2 times higher than that of aluminum alloy. This means a smaller section of steel can support a bigger window matrix with brighter sunlight and better architectural effect

D) with superior antirust effect to ensure long-term durability of the windows.

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