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Heat insulated Composite fire rated glass

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Heat insulated Nano Composite  fire resistant glass
Heat insulated Nano Composite  fire resistant glass is m ade of two or more layers of  glass with synthetic resin or slealant bonded together forming a fire resistant glass.There are two methods of producing laminated glass: the film method (dry method) and grouting method (wet method) .the perfusion type is categorized to later moethod. 



Perfusion type fire rated glass4
Perfusion type fire rated glass5

A) Fire rating:
Products span the range of standard test times of 15, 30, 60, 90,and even 120 minutes 
B) Fire-resistant glass in category EI:
Insulation offers the highest level of protection from  flames, smoke and heat. This classification of fire rated glass performs to the standard of EI when exposed to fire on one side, and  also  restricts temperature rise on the unexposed face
C) Max Sizes:(W) 1510mmx(L)1980 Min Sizes: (W) 300mmx(L)300
Thickness:5mm flat glass+Air space perfused+5mm flat glass=16mm ,20mm,26mm or 32mm Product thickness
D) Temperature resistance: 1000 ºc
E) Application: Entrance doors/ windows; Curtain walls for residential and commercialbuildings; Glass partition for fire-resistant functionHow it works as fire proof &resistant.
F) How it works:
In the event of fire, inner layer transparent jelly will get intumescent and opaque shortly to prevent the spread of flame and prevent heat transmitting to unexposed face. The fireproof glass has the advantages of heat               insulation performance, outstanding sound insulation effect ,preventing flame and smoke and anti- ultra violet etc
G) Attention:Fire resistant glass must only be used as part of a fire resistant glazed system - which includes the glass, the glazing seal, beads, fixings and frame. All essential components of such a system must be compatible       under  fire conditions, and the performance must be referenced to appropriate and relevant test evidence.

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